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Book 2 (South-Central Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands), 9th edition (2010)

Pages 27 & 36, Kinsol Trestle

The Times Colonist newspaper in Victoria reported on Februry 23, 2011 with a correction on February 24, that the Kinsol trestle will reopen to pedestrians later in the spring after a 22-year closure due to a fire.  The last train crossed the bridge in 1979.  The recent repairs, which started in 2008 when the Cowichan Valley Regional District decided to rehabilitate the trestle, cost in the neighbourhood of $6.5 million, with support from all levels of government.  See also www.kinsol.caNotice by webmaster:  The Kinsol trestle opened to the public at the end of July 2011.

Page 37, Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain was omitted from the Duncan and Cowichan Valley section of this edition of Hiking Trails 2 but is now accessible again via a new trail (some reports say it's not as nice a hike as before): On Marble Bay Rd drive into Woodland Shores development and immediately you'll see a hiking trail on the right, but with limited parking, so it's best to drive on and park in one of the large parking lots.  From the parking lot you'll see trail signs and if you want to hike to the top of the mountain you will take an access trail that leads to the start of the "Summit Trail".  Summit Trail is a new easy switchback trail that takes you through the clearcut up to the 500 m level where the trail ends but you can continue along the logging road to the end of the logged off area.  From there look up on the left for flagging indicating the old original trail that takes you up to the top of the ridge, past the communications shell and down to the end of the ridge.  The old steep  trail down (or up) to the Marine Park is still there but you cannot complete the circuit back along the shore (old Beaver Trail) as you will run into private property.  Time up to the end of the ridge and back including lunch is 4.5 to 5 hours. (Provided by Mary Hof, August 2010)

Pages 44, Maple Mountain

Approaching from Chemainus and north side of Crofton, York is the name of the first road right after turning left onto Chaplin (as if going to the Saltspring Ferry). This goes through town heading south past Adelaide, Tatlo, then Chilco. Somewhere this road must become Osbourne.

Near the north end of the Yellow Trail is a junction where it is easy to mistakenly stay low on an old road which leads out to a church camp, some distance from Chilco. Take the steep Yellow Trail Left here up to Blue. (provided by Barb Baker, June 2010)

Page 44, Maple Mountain

When descending along the Orange Trail from the Pink/Orange junction, beware of the effects of logging where the trail reaches the power line. The trail disappears under slash; bush-whacking south around this area is necessary to rejoin the Orange Trail about 50 m below on an old logging road running east-west.

Regarding the Blue Trail - please note that it was rerouted slightly but there is no problem finding it.  Some logging has taken place at the start of the southern end of the blue trail but a new trail section has been made.  If you're on it for the first time you wouldn't know there have been changes to the route.  (From Grahame Ruxton, August 2010).

Pages 56 & 62, Cowichan Valley Trail to North Cowichan Now Open

See article in the Lake Cowichan Gazette for an update:

Page 134, Bodega Ridge Provincial Park, Galiano Island

Hikers are encouraged to hike the provincial park starting from the south by driving to the end of Cottage Way.  There is good parking and a prominent sign marking the trailhead.  The hike to excellent viewing spots takes approximately 40 minutes and can be extended to the north end of the park boundary.  This is one of the most scenic hikes in the Gulf Islands, looking west to Saltspring and Vancouver Island.  We have received reports that an owner at the north end is concerned about hikers going through private property (there are several signs).  We do not encourage our readers to hike on private property, even less so with a dog which can scare sheep, unless they have permission to do so.  (September 2013)

Pages 148 - 156, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

The following updates were provided in February 2011 by Katie Jones, Marketing and Promotions Assistant with the Gulf  Islands National Park Reserve in Sidney, BC.

*Pg. 148. Beaumont/Mt. Norman on Pender Island is referred to as "Beaumont Marine Park". The title "Marine Park" is a relic from when this park was provincially managed. Beaumont is now a part of Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, and its title has been amalgamated with that of Mt. Norman. As such, we suggest calling Beaumont "Beaumont/Mt. Norman, GINPR" or "Beaumont/Mt. Norman, part of  Gulf  Islands National Park Reserve".

*Pg. 150, 154, 156 all mention a "Ralph Road" on Saturna Island. There is no Ralph Road on Saturna Island. The road we are referring to is "East Point Road". A map of Saturna Island can be found on the Saturna Island Tourism  Association website at:

*Pg. 152. There is no fresh water available at Winter Cove-GINPR. For a list of GINPR properties that provide this service, please refer to our Current Map/ Hiking and Camping Information brochure:

*Pg. 153. Parks Canada works continuously to provide their visitors with new and improved services. One of the services we provide is trail development within the GINPR properties. However, at present, there are no developed trails at Mt. Warburton Pike.  We at Parks Canada strongly discourage the use of any informal trails or logging roads as they may be unsafe for visitors and damaging to sensitive ecosystems in the area.

*Pg. 155. We are happy to inform you that since "Hiking Trails 2" was last updated, Monarch Head has come under the auspice of GINPR, and there is now a designated trail at this location. This looped trail is of moderate-to-difficult difficulty, is approximately 2.5km long, and we recommend a 1.5 hour timeline for hiking this trail. The trail can be accessed from  the parking lot at the end of  Narvaez Bay Road. For more information on designated hiking trails within Gulf  Islands National Park Reserve, please refer to our Current Map/ Hiking and Camping Information brochure:

*As a side note, we really appreciate that you have informed your readers about the ever-present danger of fire in the Southern Gulf Islands, as well as the necessity of bringing adequate drinking water and keeping dogs on leash.

The URL for the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve homepage is:  (or and for general GINPR inquiries, you can call the Gulf  Islands National Park Reserve Field Unit Office at 250-654-4000.

Page 164, Top Bridge Trail and Park

One reader notes that the directions to the  Top River Trail in Parksville are in error.  The book states that access is via Kaye Road off Hwy 4A, but this road does not touch Hwy 4A.  A better direction would be 'exit 46 Hwy 19 at the scales to Chattell Road.'  Don't go on 4A.  (From  Keith Osmond, August 2010)

Pages 188 & 190, BCFS wilderness campsites at Moriarity Lake & Father and Son Lake

Important note: on January 1, 2006 the Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts took over responsibility for forest recreation sites and trails from the Ministry of Forests. For more information visit the MoTSA Sites and Trails BC web site.  There is no maintenance of these as sites, no amenities or upkeep. (provided by Barb Baker, April 2010)

Pages 195 & 197, Stamp Long River Trail

The Stamp Long River Trail (east side) seems to becoming known as the Anglers' Trail. (provided by Barb Baker, April 2010)

Page 205, Teodoro Trail

The Weiner Creek footbridge washed out in '06.

Pull off the highway just past the West Bay Hotel at a gate on the right. Parking for a couple cars. Approx 12 km. from Highway 4 T-junction.  Walk this road which does an S curve out to the powerline paralleling Weiner Creek, to a logging road turning left (west).  Shortly you will see a varnished sign "Teodora" quite high in a tree on your right.  (provided by Barb Baker, April 2010)

We have received the following information from another reader/hiker on August 19, 2013 which we are still trying to verify from another source.  Hikers are therefore encouraged to get up-to-date information locally.  Here is the proposed new information: 

The West Bay Hotel is now called Sproat Lake Landing. It is 3.8 km west of Sproat Lake Provincial Park. When you arrive there, turn right instead of left and then right again immediately.  You will now be on gravel. You will drive a short distance (100m or so) past a sign saying that you are entering the Alberni Valley Community Forest.  Turn left when you come to the T-section and drive till you come to the newly built bridge over Weiner Creek.  There is a parking spot just before the bridge and you only have to cross the bridge and look for the trailhead on your right.  

Page 205, Teodoro Trail

A new map submitted by Barb Baker of Port Alberni shows additions that have been built more recently to connect to the Sproat Lake Lookout and fortunately deletes the washed out approach that starts at “Turn right (north)...etc."  (March 2011)


Page 205, Teodoro Trail
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