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Book 1 (Victoria & Vicinity), 13th edition (2007)

Book 1 (Victoria & Vicinity), 13th edition (2007)

Page 32 ff, John Dean Park

The gate on Dean Park Road is closed from  November 1 to March 15.  Parking is available on nearby streets, or use other access points as per the map in the book, for example, the Merrill Harrop Trail off Alec Road is a well used trail.  For information on the history of  John Dean and the park, look for the three books by local author, Jarrett Thomas Teague at the nearest library or bookstore. 

Re access from  Alec Road: There is parking and a good turnaround for cars at the end of Alec Road, perhaps 50m  from  the trailhead.  Hikers are encouraged to use this area rather than turning around on neighbours' driveways, which can lead to damage to private property, and parking on the side of the road right by the trailhead.  (November 2010)

Page 86, Thetis Lake and page 124, Sooke Potholes

Seasonal parking charges are in effect at Thetis Lake and the Sooke Potholes from May 1 to September 30.  The daily rate for 2011 is $2.25, while a season's pass is $20.  Parking is free at the other 31 parks and trails in the CRD system. 

Pages 109, 110 & index page 172

Elizabeth Mann Park should read "Eleanor Mann Park".  Our apologies to Eleanor.

Page 140, Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

Due to heavy winter storms, we recommend to check with BC Parks at  about trail conditions.

Page 158, Trail Access by Bus

Many trails can be reached using BC Transit busses, although one might still have to walk some distances along roads to access the actual trailhead. City bus-stops often have schedules posted.  

Schedules and bus #s are subject to change. Up-to-date schedule information can be obtained by calling the “bus line” at 250-382-6161 or by going to  Give the operator your starting point and the nearest road intersection to the trailhead. 
Some rural routes have infrequent service and you should inquire how late they run. Some routes run in one direction only and you may have to back-track in the "wrong" direction. Some community busses do not carry bicycles in the evening. 
Hopefully you are familiar with the major routes and this will assist you in finding the routes to the trailheads.  For example, a major route running E – W is the #26. The #50 connects downtown Victoria with the Westshore and the #60 continues to Sooke.  #70,72 run north and  south between Victoria and Sidney.Trails like the Galloping Goose and the Lochside Trail are reached from numerous points.
Trails numbered as in the book are listed here with corresponding bus routes: 
1.  Portland Island and 2. Sidney Spit: reached from bus routes in Sidney including #70, 72,  81, 85, 86, 88. 
3.  Horth Hill is reached by bus # 85.
4.  John Dean: #72.
5.  Gowland Tod: #75, 81 near Butchart Gardens (northern access). 8. Goldstream/Mount Finlayson may be reached by Shawnigan Lake/Duncan busses running in Victoria along Douglas Street and north via TCH.
10. Elk/Beaver Lake: #32, 35, 70, 72, 75.
11. Rithet’s Bog: #6.
12. Mount Douglas: 12, 27, 28, 39.
13. Univ. of Victoria: 4, 7, 11-15, 26, 39, 51.
14. Cedar Hill Golf course: 8, 24, 25.
15. Victoria Waterfront: 1, 2, 3, 7, 30, 31, 25, 27, 28.
16. Swan Lake and Christmas Hill: 6, 26, 51, 70,72, 75.
17. Colquitz River: 8, 11, 21, 22, 26, 30, 31, 39, 50, 61, 83.
18. Thetis Lake: 53.
19. Mill Hill: 53.
20. Mount Wells: 58.
21. Metchosin Shoreline: 54, 55.
22. Western Metchosin: 54, 55, 66.
23. East Sooke: 61, 63, 66.
24. Wiffin Spit: 61, 63.
25. Sooke Potholes: 61, 66.


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